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  • May 12, 2020
    Tony, M
    Well, I am unsure where to start as this is our "new reality" when buying cars in the COVID-ERA. That said, my purchase was on the higher end, pretty much the EXTREME higher end of what most people buy. So, was I looking for a bit more service than I got, you betcha I was...and it did not happen. First, it was as if I was doing the dealership a favor by buying a car. They landed two premium cars in trade, PLUS CASH, for their car, and with minimal time to inspect (never mind the mask that we all had to wear and the little window we had to do it) I made the decision to buy a car from Algar. My second! Well, the car, even when REPEATEDLY asked, was lacking information. The seller would not provide information on this consigned car (which is the new direction Algar is apparently taking, as there are a ton of cars being consigned there). I had to pull arms and legs from them to do an inspection on a 31 year old car. The "salesman" had his "hands tied" and did not help me much at all. In the end, I paid for all new tires, everything, even charged me state inspection fees when technically it would have been illegal to sell me a car that was not road ready from a dealership. That, coupled with the fact that their "salesman" said he could "never find tires to fit my car in time." Really? In 17 hours I ordered and DELIVERED the tires right to the dealership. Wow, how inept can you be? Do I have to do their job for them now too? When the car was delivered, that was when I found out that many things were not as described. There was some paint checking, even paint missing in some areas, there was no apology, there was no care, just "sign here and here and here." When I sent them a picture, and this is amazing, of the weights that fell off my rim after 1 week of installation (these are the balancing weights that PEP BOYS and others routinely install without issue) - they just fell off. Fell off the car! Would I buy my 3rd car from Algar Ferrari? No. Would I recommend Algar Ferrari to anyone? No. Would I recommend ANYONE buy sight unseen from Algar Ferrari knowing what I know and feeling what I am feeling? No. I am saving you the headache of what I am dealing with right now. An ungrateful dealership, under new ownership, with new salespeople and little knowledge imo of what to do and how to treat people, including FCA, PCA and other members who know their cars. If you are a FCA member, buying a $370,000+ car, you SHOULD expect full disclosure of anything wrong with the car. That is just FACT! Did that happen here? NOT AT ALL. Shame on Algar. They are not the company they were even 6 months ago, let along 5 years ago. I will shop elsewhere in the future.
  • February 7, 2020
    Charles G
    The entire dealership team is second to none. They treat me like I'm a part of the team not just a customer. It's a very welcoming experience to not feel like a dollar sign walking through the door. I am always greeted with a firm handshake a hearty smile and a concern of my need of service, and when they service my Ferrari, they service my Ferrari!, I swear my car feels like it performs better every time I leave there. I think my car even likes these guys ! You guys are great! You took the fear of owning a Ferrari out of me. Thanks!
  • December 4, 2019
    Carlo S
    I live in Florida and decided to purchase a 2014 California rosso mugello with cuoio interior from Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia. Patrick Podgorski provided all the information and suggestions I needed to close the deal over the phone in one call, followed by some exchange of documentation by courier. When the car was delivered it was a delight to see the wonderful conditions of the vehicle which matched the listing on their web page. Very satisfied with Patrick's knowledge and promptness in addressing all details. Overall a very pleasant experience!
  • October 18, 2019
    John A.
    Great service provided by Kevin...He was attentive, fast and double checked to insure I got the right part for my 1980 GTBi...It was shipped same day and receive by me the next day...Algar service is hard to beat and while I live in MD, my dealer of choice will be Algar!
  • October 4, 2019
    Anthony M
    Fantastic experience buying my car at Algar. While you might think there is even more of the "one day sale" at Algar, I have found this not to be the case at all. They are far more informed when it comes to pre-owned exotics and obviously new Ferrari's than anyone else on the East Coast. On both occasions where I shopped, I was treated with the utmost respect and allowed to drive their cars, albeit the roads are terrible around the dealer. I would give them my highest recommendation as it relates to the entire car buying experience and I have now owned over 39 cars in my life.
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