Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV

  • Year: 1988
  • Miles: 9,960
  • Exterior: Nero
  • Interior: Nero
  • Style: Coupe
  • Engine: 5.2L V12
  • Transmission Description: 5-Speed Manual
  • Drivetrain: Rear
  • Vin: ZA9CA05A0JLA12332
  • Type: Used
  • Location: Denver
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You'll find the most comprehensive selection of exclusive exotics right here. We are THE DESTINATION. Whether you are seeking the most experienced staff to guide you through your first exotic automotive acquisition, or you are seasoned in the trade, we are here to provide you the very best personalized service you'll find anywhere. . . . This car is 1 of just 52 1988.5 built for the US market. The first owner cared for this incredible machine for 27 Years before allowing this highly sought after car to market. A completely original matching numbers example fitted with appealing options making it even more collectible, the Rear Wing ($7,000 option) and the Gold Campagnolo "Bravo" Wheel Package. The 1988.5 models delivered to the US were the first to have the upgraded electronic climate control systems, a Bosch fuel injector system, makes this car a pleasure to drive while providing a symphony of Italian muscle and the pure exhilaration. Unlike many, this one was not been compromised from its original US Spec bumpers. Travelling just under 10,000 miles to date we have just completed a fresh extensive mechanical service and cosmetic refresh. The car was properly kept in a private collection for many years, but now is your opportunity to own piece of history and invest in an automotive icon! Calling the Lamborghini Countach "groundbreaking" would be an understatement. It has been one of the most recognizable cars of its time since leaving the crowd flabbergasted at the 1971 Geneva Auto Show upon its unveiling. The Miura, the predecessor, set the industry standard for supercars when it was introduced, and showed that Lamborghini still had one more trick up its sleeve. Just like the Miura, there was nothing on sale at the time that came close to the Countach in terms of visual appeal or overall automotive panache, it was destined to become a classic. Marcello Gandini's angular design typified the design language of the 1980's nearly 10 years in advance. The car was highlighted by its eye-catching, upward-hinged "scissor doors," and every inch of it was designed with show-stopping visual appeal in mind. It was the perfect automobile for those who could afford it and were looking to stand out from the crowd, as it was eye catching and jaw dropping in every way. Fourteen years after the introduction of the initial Countach in March 1985, Lamborghini returned to the Geneva Auto Show to introduce the third iteration of the Countach, the QV, which was named for its four valve heads. The car's V-12 featured an increase in cubic displacement to 5,167 cubic centimeters, and the compression ratio was increased to 9.5:1. This brought horsepower to 455 at 7,000 rpm and 340lb-ft of torque, increasing power by 45 brake horsepower over the outgoing LP5000S Countach. Cosmetically, the Countach remained largely unchanged, with the only alteration being to the rocker panels, where vents were added to extract air for the rear brakes. The Countach can sprint from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds and has a max speed of 182 mile per hour. Special Features: Very Rare, 1 of only 52 U.S. spec cars ever produced! Optional Factory rear wing ($7000) Optional Factory Gold Campagnolo "Bravo" Wheels A/C climate control * Staked side skirts, first introduced on the 1988.5 model and remained on the latter/lower powered fuel injected anniversary cars.